Car Auto Electric Maintenance

Keeping your car in tip top shape can be a challenge so here are some great suggestions for your auto electric maintenance over the year.

If you love to take your 4X4 out onto the beaches or off the beaten track be sure to wash away any salt residue that clings to the underside of your vehicle. A great way to do this is simply connect a typical average lawn sprinkler to your hose and settle that under the car for about thirty minutes or so.

How to test your battery and spark plugs

Keeping your battery and spark plugs clean and electronically active is key to the maintenance of your vehicle. A visual inspection is the first line of defense here and in doing so, you will see any build up of oxidization that can occur on battery connections. Remove the connector and clean with a wire brush. BEFORE you remove your battery connection, be sure to know the code for your radio, or have a battery save device you can plug into your cig lighter outlet to savew power to the radio when you remove your battery connection.